Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Book of Questions

All I know is that all of us has questions that we want to find answers. We have so many nagging questions in our mind that we still haven't realized the answer. I read one article on the newspaper about some of the dilemmas that we have and the answers from these questions from the Book of Questions by Gregory Stock Ph.D.

Here's some of the questions and the answers from the book of Gregory Stock Ph.D. I only chose the questions that tells more about me and questions that I think will benefit me. (talking about self-serving, lol). Anyways, I know some of you will surely relate on this post and will eventually inspires you to become a better you.

Q. Can you live in a different country with the one you love most, even if it means never again seeing your friends and family?

Q. Would you choose to be a spectacularly successful professional but a lonely person, or a mediocre professional but a happy man?

Q. If God appeared to you in your dreams and told you to sacrifice your child to inherit His Kingdom, what would you do?

Q. Do you judge people with a standard that is higher than yours?

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