Wednesday, July 4

Effects of riding e-Jeepney in human behaviour

We do know that human and all living things adapt in manner depends on their environment. It's part of the survival instinct that would allow living things to continually exist.

This introduction thus have something to say with what the title of this article.

What I'm saying is that the change from what we are accustom to is part of environment that we are living in and for us to survive we need to adapt. In this case, we need to adapt with the changes in our transportation system from fuel to electric.

Like in the old adage "change is inevitable" as such we can't escape the changes happening in our environment. The only way to survive is to adapt and the common denominator here is to accept and learn to embrace it.

There's no point to resist it as that would definitely going to happen and it's destined to happen. Don't even exert an effort as that would only put to waste.

Surely, this change has more pros than cons (as much as I can observe). Ultimately, the beneficiary of these changes is us. We as human and all living things that need to exist to continue the life form on earth.

Regardless of what we believe in, make sure it is not for selfish motive but instead for the benefit of mankind.

Saturday, March 24

How to copy the JWPLAYER video on a website?

This may seem a common question for people who loves to download videos on the web. You can or cannot be able to download depends on the site. Earlier today, I tried to download a video however, it doesn't allow me, as there no option to download the video.

With no other option than to ask Google for answer, in a click of a button, I was able to came across a site with an instruction. This is not something new. It could be familiar but for the benefit of other who weren't aware of this, I take the liberty to share it with you.

The instruction is for the videos without an option (either you right click on the play button) to download it. Particularly, this is for JWPLAYER videos.

Below are the step by step instruction:

- Open chrome
- open developer tools (ctrl+shift+i)
- click network
- run / reload JW videos
- click size column on network tab
- look for largest file size (usually named videoplayback or mp4 extension)
- right click videoplayback
- open link in new tab
- copy url and close tab

The instruction is specifically for Chrome browser. If you able to use this instruction in other browsers, just comment below so other can do the same.

Thursday, March 17

View Source Code when Right-click is disabled

Have you notice that some of the websites have this restriction where you cannot right click anywhere on the webpage. This is one of the security precaution that website programmer do, so it will be a bit of a challenge for hackers to manipulate the website. But how if you want to save something on the website like songs, letters or short story. These steps are very simple, even a novice in web programming can do.

By the way, any web browser will work for this simple step.

1. Save the webpage on  your desktop.

  • for chrome - Go to Google Control Panel; then click more tools; then click save page as.
  • IE user - Just click File then click Save as.
2. Open a new browser; then type (as it is) in the address field VIEW-SOURCE:

3. Open the webpage that you save in the desktop.

4. Copy the address showing in the address field and paste it to the other open browser which shows the VIEW-SOURCE: add it in here the address then press enter.

Credit to: Sanket Misal

Sunday, November 1

How to turn off auto update in Lollipop 5.1.1

Recently, I made an attempt to update my mobile phone to Lollipop 5.1.1 which eventually a successful one. At first, everything runs smoothly but I noticed that each time I open my WiFi an automatic update keeps on running which is somehow I don’t intend to get these apps updated. The reason is that it slows down my mobile and it will easily run out of memory space to my mobile which is not expandable.

So then I attempted to go over to my mobile to turn-off the automatic update. I knew that my settings in Google play is already set to “Do not auto update”. So I was clueless as to why it still run when I open my WiFi.

Thus I decided to go over more my mobile settings and truth enough it’s where it all started. The updates I made on the Operating System Lollipop 5.1.1 kick start the auto update of the system such as OneDrive etc.

See steps below which I did to turn off the auto update in Lollipop 5.1.1. This apply to Samsung S6 edge. Not sure with other mobile devices though.

1. Go to mobile settings then
2. Developer options – from here you click it and see options On/Off
3. so switch to Off

Additional to this:
1. Go to mobile settings then
2. About the device
3. Go to software update
4. from software update – turn off the Wi-Fi only which it turned on when the OS update I made.

So there, it’s easy as it sound but it's all about discovering things on your own thus really a goes a long way

Tuesday, August 4

Travel: Tagaytay Getaway 2015 with Family

I just wanna share the Summer vacation I had this year. Gladly, that I went there with family and it was a blast. Honestly, this was my first time in Tagaytay, though I'd been in Baguio but not in the 2nd summer destination of the Philippines. I know how the place looks nice in the picture but after I saw it in for real then I realized it was really beautiful and breathtaking.

Can you imagine a volcano sitting in bed of water was just astonishing creature of mother earth. Add to that, the place is just fascinating full of greenery and fresh air.

But all of this is just an icing in the cake for what really this tour is about is our family bonding.

Just wanna share some of the photos I had cause I cant help myself but just to take pictures of the beautiful place.

I know how this was a very late post since this tour was last June 13-14, 2015 and it is really really late entry as I haven't updated this blog for months. Just please bear with me as I'm busy with work.

Anyways, it's better too be late than never so here it goes...

By the way, this tour was a package which I arranged through the travel agency that I am an affiliates (also will create a separate entry for this one so watch out for it hehehe). It was a nice experience because since its a package tour you have not to worry where will you go and what places to visit since you have a tour guide/driver of the van that comes in the package and someone to break the silence when we don't have much to talk about while in the van was a clear help too (no pun intended we are just too silent people). 

I'll post how this trip possible in the next entry, the places we'd been and also the travel agency that I'm an affiliates with so I can tell how things going currently on this one.