Tuesday, August 4

Travel: Tagaytay Getaway 2015 with Family

I just wanna share the Summer vacation I had this year. Gladly, that I went there with family and it was a blast. Honestly, this was my first time in Tagaytay, though I'd been in Baguio but not in the 2nd summer destination of the Philippines. I know how the place looks nice in the picture but after I saw it in for real then I realized it was really beautiful and breathtaking.

Can you imagine a volcano sitting in bed of water was just astonishing creature of mother earth. Add to that, the place is just fascinating full of greenery and fresh air.

But all of this is just an icing in the cake for what really this tour is about is our family bonding.

Just wanna share some of the photos I had cause I cant help myself but just to take pictures of the beautiful place.

I know how this was a very late post since this tour was last June 13-14, 2015 and it is really really late entry as I haven't updated this blog for months. Just please bear with me as I'm busy with work.

Anyways, it's better too be late than never so here it goes...

By the way, this tour was a package which I arranged through the travel agency that I am an affiliates (also will create a separate entry for this one so watch out for it hehehe). It was a nice experience because since its a package tour you have not to worry where will you go and what places to visit since you have a tour guide/driver of the van that comes in the package and someone to break the silence when we don't have much to talk about while in the van was a clear help too (no pun intended we are just too silent people). 

I'll post how this trip possible in the next entry, the places we'd been and also the travel agency that I'm an affiliates with so I can tell how things going currently on this one. 


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