Wednesday, February 11

PNP-SAF 44: Mamasapano, Mindanao clash

The start of the year 2015 has been a roller coaster for the Philippines. The month of January so far already have a half-full of big surprises with good and bad news.

Such an ironic event happened in the Philippines, I must say. The introduction of January for us was the visit of Pope Francis which left many Filipinos inspired and in high spirit. He delivered a message about Mercy and Compassion.

But, then just almost two weeks when he left a devastating news came out that envelopes our nation.

The 44 Filipino Police Elite Officers had been perished due to alleged "misencounter" with rebel group.

Whatever the outcome of the investigation of this ill-fated encounter, let us assure that the dignity and sacrifice of this bravemen will not put into waste and we should always remember them that they are the people who do their job very well.

Let the next generation realize this act of professionalism that no one can replace. 


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