Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Worlds Biggest Dog

All we know that the age of Dinosaur was already extinct. The time when biggest creature roaming around our the planet earth and it seems that they could live forever. But that time was a history now, we could just see them on textbooks and magazines. We see them in movies and cartoons. We can only talk about them but not able to really see the real one. Of course who wants to see a real one, (that's hilarious), some big monster-like creature walking outside our house was something I don't dream of. How bout you? Well, If your longing to see something big, you can just settle to other living creature we have in this time like elephants, giraffe and dogs. Hwat! Dog, Yes you see it right, I even kinda, don't believe it because the dog was almost as big as the Horse, and much bulkier compare to the one. You can imagine how could this possible, how can a dog grow as big as that?! Well in this day in age we eat variety of food and even add supplements to increase our growth. So I guess that explains a lot about this image.

The Dog was named as "Hercules" and he was in the Guinness Book as being the world's largest dog.

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