Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Unborn Movie Review

theunbornI just watched the Movie The Unborn which I downloaded on the internet and it's creepy.The movie the unborn was about a girl who doesn't know he has a twin brother until one day he was bugging by a young boy whom later she realized it was his twin brother. His twin brother died on the womb of their mother, because the umbilical cord from her twin sister tangled on the neck of his twin brother resulting from his death while on the womb of their mother. The story goes between the siblings the one who is born and the unborn. The unborn baby which was his twin brother was about to get some kinda revenge to her twin sister for what had happened. The story was not as scary as I thought but it would creep you out enough to get your eyes wide open. The scary part is when the hateful soul of the unborn child entered onto the old man's body from the hospice and become like an exorcist wherein the old man walks backward using both hands and feet . That's kinda creepy altogether.

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