Monday, July 27

What can you say about my green theme?

You can say that I love the color green, isn't too obvious? Even on my cellphone you can tell that green is one of my favorite color. I was able to find the theme for my cellphone on mobile9, which has a lot of free java software and wide variety of themes. It's free to register and you can select the type of cellphone you have. But after a while I kinda get bored with my blog template, but I'm having a hard time to choose which color to get or what look should I have, so that there will be a fresh look for my blog. I was trying to browse the web for free template and still can't find a match or should I say much appealing to what I currently have. So for now, I will stick on my current template until I find something better to my green theme. Goodluck to me.

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