Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Work Experience in Call Center

It's been seven months since I resigned from my Call Center Job. My experience was a bitter sweet, I say that because the time I spent from my previous job was quite a culture shock and at the same time a liberating moment of my life. I'm a person who is shy by nature, I don't usually go outside of our house not unless if there some important family gatherings that I need to attend too or if some of my closest friend ask to go out and it's their treat(lol). From the time I worked in a call center, I realized that shyness is no good in this type of job. From the interview process up until the training you will be talking to different people from all walks of life. And not just that, you will be talking to your clients all day or should I say all night and of course you need to be sounding confident on the phone to get the trust of your customer. Anyway, it's an experience that I'm thankful for, because I gain friends, I become more adaptive to different people, and I learned to become more patient (patience is a virtue).

The job was a no joke, there you would experience a lot of stress and pressure. Some call center has a metrics that an agent need to attain so that the agent can still continue his employment with the company. Others have good benefits and friendly environment while some have toxic account and people, as if you were like inside a burning cabin that the people was so tight and insensitive up to a point that you want to puke already because you can't able to breathe.

Right now I'm bothered if I will be able to find a different job since my work experience is in a call center industry. The current recession was no big help for me to find a job that suits me. I can try other job but I will sacrifice the high compensation that the call center is offering. So for you will you go for a job that you don't like but gives good compensation or a job that has low compensation but it's something that you enjoy doing? my one cent!

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