Monday, June 29, 2009

Call Center Jokes

On my previous post, I showed an irate Filipino caller who cursed to the Customer Service about her unfortunate rejected withdrawal through her ATM using her CITI card. Well, right now I would like to change that to a more lighter approach, I decided to post about some of the bloopers and jokes happened between the Customer and the Agent in a call center. Here's some of it!

The agent was asking for the location of the caller:

1. Agent: What state you're located?
Client: I am from PA
Agent: Wow, I see you're Pakistan? (it should be Philadelphia, right?)

2. US Geography lesson: a trainor asked the abbreviation of states
AR- Aregon..(it should be Oregon)
NM - next mexico...(haizt )
NV- North Virginia.. ( no way!)


The agent instructing the caller to turn-off the router and the modem:

Agent: We would need to turn the router and the modem off, can you unplug them both from the power source please?

Customer: Is that necessary?

Agent: Yes sir we need to reset those devices.

Customer: Ok. Can you hold then? Im just gonna go to the other side of the street to my daughter's house to turn the router and the modem off!


Customer calls in. . . frantic. . . does not know what to do. . . panicking. . she could barely put her thoughts into words. . . does not know how to explain to agent what is happening. . . . says she thought that if she has cable, is she not supposed to be online ALL THE TIME??!!! agent agrees, says that is technically correct. . . Customer says, in a really annoying tone. . . "WELL THEN HOW COME I DON'T HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION RIGHT NOW?!!"

agent: " is your computer directly connected to the modem?"

Customer: yes. . . and I'm using a LAPTOP. . .

agent: did you see an error message before you lost internet connection?

Customer: come to think of it. . . yes. . . it said something like "battery is low, recharge battery. . ."

agent: then what happened next?

Customer: then all of a sudden, (AND THIS SHE SAID LIKE IN A . . . WHAT-THE-HELL-HAPPENED-IS-MY-LAPTOP-POSSESSED kind of tone). . . THE SCREEN WENT BLACK. . . and no matter what I click on. . .nothing happens?!!

agent: did you recharge the battery already?

Customer: No. . . why? am I supposed to do that? am i not supposed to be online all the time?

I you get hook with this, there's more to follow or you can submit some of your own bloopers on my contact tab, then I will try to post it here..thanks

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