Thursday, June 18, 2009

Analyze your mobile traffic on the net

As a website enthusiast, we tend to know everything, like how we can make our website more appealing and user-friendly. As much as possible, we try to update our website content regularly so that people will come to visit our site more often. Some even add widgets to get more graphics on their site. For instance the adding of site meter, cluster maps and the like.
With these widgets you get to see how many people were visiting your site and even see their locations through the map. It's really crazy how technology can make our lives wired. And you will even get more thrilled once you see the site wherein, it will let you know who visits your site by phone. let's you know your site visitors more by giving you information of your visitors place of origin, the time of their visit, the pages they open the most, how long they stay on the site and more. And the most appealing about the features of the site is you can even monitor the type of phone they uses to access one's site. Isn't that amazing!

PercentMobile lets website owners to track mobile visitors be device, cell phone operator, country, and more.

The procedure is simple, simply register, you will then given a tracking code which site owners should include on their websites and they can start measuring and analyzing your mobile visitors.

Here's the link to get you know more about

Here's a preview look of the site:

Enjoy and be wired!

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