Friday, June 19, 2009

Dragonball: Comes with a PSP game

As a child we have these tendency to be hook by TV cartoons. I myself is guilty about this. Most of the time I spent half of my day watching cartoons and even now I have to admit I still love watching cartoons. I believe that I'm still young at heart, though I'm just in my late 20's. One cartoon that is so popular in my time and until now is Dragonball Z.

Dragonball had gone a long way. It has evolve very far from just comic, TV, to Movie and now as a PSP game. It definitely to be considered as one of the most successful manga (comic) series of all time. It boasts more than 500 animated television episodes, 14 video games, 17 features and over $ 4 billion in related merchandise sales.

The PSP game version of Dragonball has been specially crafted for the PSP system with Gamemodes that are ideal for on-the-go play. It has
Story Mode, which you follow the path of Goku as he makes his way through an exhilarating story to find Master Roshi. The Arcade Mode brings the fight directly to players as they can select their favorite characters and take on numerous challenges. Mission mode will have players taking on specific tasks and unlocking additional game content. In addition to that you can even play with your friends with Network Battle Mode, players can challenge their friends over an Ad-Hoc wireless connection and recreate all the awesome battles from the movie.

BTW, the character from the Movie is also the same with the character in the PSP game.
I am certain that most if not all Dragonball fanatics like me will have a blast plating this game.

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  1. I love this game, 2 thumbs up!