Sunday, July 6

Body Clock

How your Body Adjust?

I noticed that even I don't have a work the following day I still wake up the same time each day. I try several time to sleep late at night and it's still the same only that I just woke up later than 2 hours of the usual time I wake up each day. I just don't get it. I know it's better to wake up early in the morning as what old saying says but I just need to sleep more.

Well I think my body has already adapt to my working schedule. I usually go to work 5 AM but I woke up at 4 AM as I need to do my rituals and I need an hOur to do all that stuff.

But anyweiz!

I just thought that it's time to do some of my blogging in the morning since I have nothing else to do. But hey! I remember! Exercising in the morning is good since our body is in the state of calmness which allow us to do our routine better. I'd better start doing both at the same time, Isn't that great?!

: It just happen a few minutes ago while I'm doing this blog an earthquake. It's not that strong but my sister felt it. I just pray that the prediction will never happen..