Saturday, July 5

About Me:


I’ve had a hard time doing this, probably I don’t know myself much(harsh). Well, let me try, I’m a shy person maybe because I have low self-esteem and I’m my own enemy. Though I’m a happy and serious at times, I still love life. This blog was made-up of filling my boring life, sharing my thoughts about everything, and letting all inhibition all out for everyone to read. Enough of myself..Let’s just talk about the blog instead.
You might ask, Why Tipsterian? This has been my long been question to myself too. I'm not sure though, because at first I want a blog that posts about tips on certain topics that has something to do with everyday life and experiences but then after a while my postings turned into different route and it becomes random.
Why is the title One cent of me? yes, I know it’s sounds like “two cents”, I just thought, I want to create my own expression rather than my “two cents” I chose “one cent of me” or "my one cent" instead.
I used yhan02ph as my nick. It was actually my Yahoo username, BTW it's yahoo who gave this username to me because there was no available option for me, since I want just yhan as my username. So Yahoo try to give me other option that would nearly have the same as what I intended to get. To sum-it up I ended up getting yhan02ph. It's ok though, my favorite no is 2. So there's a correlation to it. I had this nick for a while now and I decided to used it even on my blog.

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