Monday, July 7, 2008

How Shy are you?

I'm a Shy Guy!

Almost everyone of us has a moment in our life that we become too shy about something or with someone. This feeling of awkwardness and uneasiness that bother the inner thoughts of our mind, thus make us feel inferior or second-rate is really gruelling in some way or another. Hence, making a big impact with our social well being.

I confess that until now I'm still a shy and timid person. I'm a person who can't easily trust my feeling with anyone. I really do have some inferiority complex, I'm not sure where this feeling coming from but It's present within me. Though it's hard to control I'm trying to kept it to myself and I try to neglect it as much as I can but it's there,hence not allowing to limit me from doing what is best for my life.


In some occasion, you will find individual who is timid and hesitant to talk with other guest, or you can even see some in school particularly in the classroom that is loner. Expert says that these indivual has a thought in their mind that "They may feel that they are not worth talking to" say Margaret Shepherd, author of The Art of Civilized Conversation.

She even added that "Many introverted people suffer from a kind of sensory overload: they notice too much about their surroundings and their own feelings and they get overwhelmed".

Eventhough that's the case, we may still try to find ways to interact with them. These are some tips that will help them come out in the open.

1. Be sure that the person who is timid really is an authentic quiet person. There are times that you might be dealing with a fake quiet person or a person who just want to look mysterious with other people. Don't make such a fools effort. It won't work.

2. Make an eye contact, smile and start a conversation. Try to do these alone so that the person whom you are targetting won't feel awkward.

3. If for instance you feel that the target person won't really like being observe, then better yet try to seat near to that person and try to sing ( if only your in the party - sound trip ) or dance while you're beside the chair.

4. Let say the target person is looking a bit at ease with the music, try to make a move by saying a smart starter-line like, Are you also alone? At least this assures him or her that you're both trying to grasp with the crowd.

5. When you're already at ease with each other and he or she feels comfortable talking with you, try not be too cocky and try not to impress him or her with your cockiness. That will be a surefire way for your target to be dismay. And will leave you alone in the crowd or much worst lost like a bubble.

Goodluck for all your target!!

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