Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Manila Ocean Park

I recently had a fun "gimik" with family in Manila Ocean Park at Manila last Nov. 2. I had with me is my nephew alongside with my father's side cousins and aunties. I heard some not so good comments about the place and I'm not surprised that the place is really for children who will surely appreciate the place more than the adults. But for those who are "YAH" or young at heart, you may be delighted to see the fish and the scenery of Manila Ocean Park. Altogether I must say the place is good and the fishes are lovely you can't go wrong when you see the beautiful fishes.

I have to admit I had fun, because it's been a long time since we get to see each other not to mention we had the sumptuous meal in Aling Tonya's restaurant at Dampa Macapagal. The place where you buy your raw ingredients and you just have to wait at your table to serve the delicious meal that was cooked by them.

Well, It’s nice to have good times once in a while I just miss going out. To cap it all the fun it’s all free.. The website of Manila Ocean Park is here. Here’s some of the pictures I taken.

manila ocean parkmanila ocean park manila ocean park

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  1. Crazy coincidence. My family and I went to Manila Ocean Park, too, for some good time this weekend and then we also ate at Dampa (Libis though) the next day. Cool.