Friday, August 14, 2009

My participation on Morning Rush Top 10 “Almosts” of life

I’ve been an avid listener of RX93.1 particularly the Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar with their timeslot at 6AM to 10AM, Monday to Friday on FM station. I started to listen with them a few years back and I must say that they have substantial, wholesome but naughty at times entertainment on radio. I may consider myself as a “silent rusher” cause I don’t participate often on their Top 10 topics for the day but not long until I partipated on their Topic about ‘Almosts’ of life.

What does “Almosts” means? Almosts is something happen to your life that you nearly get it or experience it. For instance, In my case I decided to participate with the Topic Top 10 “Almosts” of life, from my own experienced when I had an accident happened last 2 years, I was robbed while I was on the Jeepney, the robber was trying to snatch my bag but I force not to give to the snatcher so the snatcher get angry and pull-out a knife and stab me one on my right chest and 3 on my arms. I know I’m STUPID but things happened for a reason. These was my entry on the Morning Rush Top 10 “Almosts of life”.

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