Saturday, July 4, 2009

Solar-Collecting Sun Shades

Here's a way to the future! Another great innovation has been developed in Australia, wherein they use solar collecting sun-shades to absorbed the energy from the sun. The Buro North and Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab, partnered to developed a solar-collecting sun-shade for Australian primary school yards aptly titled the 'Solar Shade'. The goals of the project is too:

  • The creation of a solar shade that exposes and exhibits the technology of solar harvesting;
  • To engage students by developing an interactive concept that requires their input to function;
  • To shield students from the harsh Australian playground sun;
  • To inform students about the collection of electricity and how the quantity of energy harvested directly relates to the world around them;
  • To provide students with a direct benefit from the collection of solar energy.
The structure is rotated throughout the school day to best suit the position of the sun.

Does it look like a cobra eh? But tell you these is really the way to the future, getting energy from the sun is it right now!

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