Sunday, July 5, 2009

Itchy Throat

For the past few days, I've been suffering with itchy and sore throat. At first I thought, I might have AH1N1 virus but for you to have a confirmed AH1N1 you will have a fever and sore throat at the same time, but the experience is different, though I have itchy throat the good thing is I don't have fever, it's just itchy and painful at the same time, sounds harsh eh, well it's really annoying. Because of the annoyance, I decided to treat the itchiness myself so I drink warm water but it seems it doesn't do any good. So then I put a peppermint tea to create that soothing feel to the warmness of my drink. It does quite do the trick but after a while the itchiness still came back and it become more intense. I decided to do some research about these type of condition and I found out that this really happens if you are in a cold to hot weather, or the fast change of weather from hot to cold and even pollution can really aggravate these condition more. I have to admit here in Manila, the weather is a bit harsh, one morning the sun is up but later in the afternoon the weather change to a gloomy to raining. Probably climate change has a big role on this. Well, I just think that rest would be a good remedy for this condition.

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