Sunday, July 12

How to create GIF files online

I just saw this website one time when I was blog walking and I realized this was really a great tool if you don’t want to download software for creating GIF file and you want something that is portable and easy to access. GICKR. saves you space on your computer and at the same time it’s very accessible, all you need is just go online and prepare the files you want to create.

This is very useful if you want to pimp your website header, social profile, or simply creating an animated slide of your pictures. Aside from that the site is very easy to navigate and it’s free, you’ll need to browse the files you want to animate, choose the size of the picture and the speed of the animation slides. The maximum files that you can add is 10 and even grab your photos on flickr.


I created one myself, I add the photos that I downloaded from the web. I used the Transformers: Filipino Version, try to look here: LINKS

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