Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tips to save on your electricity bills.

In these time around, as with all the prices goes up such as Oil, Food and Services. I believe that one of the major consumption in our house is electricity. We might want to do some small adjustment with our daily consumption of electricity to be able to lower our cost of electricity bills. Here's some good and practical tips:

Air Conditioner:
- Taking off at least two hours from aircon usage helps save as much as 20% in electricity bills.
- Cleaning the aircon filter once or twice a month can cut energy consumption by 5 to 15%.
- Turning off the aircon at dawn and using electric fan instead can help save 35% of your electricity bills.
- You also need to consider where you install the unit. If you are mounting an air conditioner near the corner of the room, look for a unit that can send the airflow in the right direction. Do not position heat-producing appliances such as television or lamp near the thermostat because the heat they produce "fools" the thermostat and causes the unit to run longer than necessary.
- Close curtains over large glass areas to prevent up to 16 percent of heat transfer through the glass.
- Always look for the EER (energy efficient ratio) tag. The higher the EER, the more energy-efficient the aircon is.

Electric fan:
- It is best to use electric fans in mild summer days because it utilizes about 80 percent less energy than aircons.
- Don't let the bathroom fan run 10 or 15 minutes. Lightning a match can almost instantly vanish bathroom odor (be cautious when you use a match)
- Clean fan blades and motor regularly.

I know these might not be applicable to all, but I care to share it anyway! This are so practical that you may even know these already. Go save on your energy consumption so that you will still have enough budget for you basic needs.

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