Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pope2You Portal: Pope Benedict XVI message to the world through Internet

Have you heard about Pope2You portal? It's an application made by Vatican City for web surfers to send messages to social networking sites (like Facebook) and smartphones with the image of Pope Benedict XVI. Under the papacy, that has suffered communication woes , the Vatican is taking new, technologically savvy steps to bring it's message to people. The new website is the latest update in the vatican's effort to broaden the Pope's audience and reach out to young individuals. It also has it's own YouTube channel, which is now linked to the portal. I think the Vatican really made an aggresive move by creating application to target younger people to receive the teachings of Catholic principles. But the latest move of Vatican has been under the scrutiny, mostly from ultraconservative bishop, saying the Benedict sparked outrage by reaching out to excommunicated. On the contrary, Rev. Paolo Padrini, an Italian priest and tech whiz who led the Pope2You project, giving Benedict a presence in the world's would make a big difference in terms of spreading the Catholic principle and can able to reach to individuals who doesn't have any knowledge about Catholic. He also added that the new project aimed to put the focus on the church by creating a Facebook applications rather than personal profile for Benedcit like those made for stars and world leaders, including President Barack Obama.

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