Thursday, January 31

Majestic Fog in MAKATI CITY!

This is really an extraordinary experience for me. I never thought that I could witnessed such a majestic view that our nature could possibly introduce in a special way. It was January 13, 2008 sunday morning at work (well, I know you will ask that, I actually work in a call center in makati) at around 6AM I noticed that it was still dark in makati, when usually you will already see a bit of sunshine at around that time. When I arrived in Exportbank plaza, 34th floor I started to compose myself and find an area near the window so that I could see the sunshine. As minutes goes by, some of my officemates noticed a cloud outside the building that really covers the entire area of makati. As I look at the window to observe what's really happening I was amazed to see the fog (like cloud) around the area. I saw the building was covered with white fog and as minutes passed by I almost can't see the building below because of the thick fog. I even thought that I was in the tip of my tall castle witnessing the majestic cloud that covers my castle. It was like I'm daydreaming minus the dreaming because I was awake and real. Before that extraordinary experience I already noticed the cold breeze outside when I'm on my way to work. It's really unusual for me and for most of us living in the Philippines to see a fog in manila since it's not an area that has a cold weather unlike in baguio.

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