Thursday, January 24

10 Laws for a better Life these New Year!

I've read one article i saw in the inquirer which was written by Dr. Phillip McGraw in his book Life strategies-Stop Making Excuses. I find it appropriate to whoever wants to make some changes to improve their lives these New Year. The lessons are in a set of life laws designed to strengthen our lives.
10 Laws for a better life
Life Law No. 1: You either get it or you don't.
* Others might say that the ingredient to success is "Don't make foolish mistakes" but what my say is that none of us makes perfect decision no matter how you can figure out the right from wrong, all we need to understand is how you can live your life without worrying if were doing the right thing but rather doing what is appropriate at the right place in the right time. And also know the difference between living and existing. Meaning your not eating just for the sake of being full but rather taste what you eat and be full.

Life Law No. 2: You create your own experience.
* We create our own destiny. These is definitely true because we do have a choice whether to choose to be miserable the rest of our lives or be happy and joyous in times of troublesome and trials. We need to accept and acknowledge that we are responsible for our own life.

Life Law No.3: People do what works.
* If we know that in every actions that we do there's payoff either be good or bad then we can at least grasp what would be the outcome of each actions that we made. A little control doesn't hurt.

Life Law No.4: You can't change what you don't acknowledge.
* Willingness to accept our weaknesses and shortcomings can make a big impact in our lives. It doesn't mean your sort of a loser but It only means that you are aware that we as a human do make mistakes and need to be guided accordingly. Living in denial is a no no..Address the denial in your life or else continue to deceive yourself.

Life Law No.5: Life rewards action.
* The Better explanation here is that Thought without action is useless. So better do something about it and be the best of the things that you do.

Life Law No.6: There is no reality, only perception
* This is guite complicated in a way in which each of us has different interpretation of the things that we see and do. The only exception would be on how we value the things that come and go in our lives. Meaning what you see in a situation is the value you give it this is your reality. And how you look at it determine your happiness and peace.

Life Law No.7: Life is managed; it is not cured.
* Accepting your life situation is crucial. You might like it or you don't it depends how much you value your life. It is better to understand that life is not easy so be sure to manage it wisely and stand strongly among the tides.

Life law No.8: We teach people how we treat us.
* This is evidently true, One given situation is that If we allow ourselves to be put down by others then people will tend to do that to us and vice versa.

Life law No.9: There is power in forgiveness.
* Anger and bitterness is poison to our body. It corrupts our mind and deteriorates our body. The only cure for these is forgiveness. To forgive all the people who hurted us and those who made fool of us. It make us more happier each day that we forgive on each and every person who made some wrong doings to us.

Life law No.10: You have to name it to claim it.
* It is self-explanatory. You need to know what you want so that you know what your going to claim. Don't be blinded about the things you don't expect that it will come but rather expect what your going to claim because of the action that you've done. Recognize the behavior or traits to support your goal, it will be a big help to achieve it. So be happy!


  1. I wish you the best in changing your life this new year.

  2. I surely will..I do appreciate your comment..