Thursday, March 17, 2016

View Source Code when Right-click is disabled

Have you notice that some of the websites have this restriction where you cannot right click anywhere on the webpage. This is one of the security precaution that website programmer do, so it will be a bit of a challenge for hackers to manipulate the website. But how if you want to save something on the website like songs, letters or short story. These steps are very simple, even a novice in web programming can do.

By the way, any web browser will work for this simple step.

1. Save the webpage on  your desktop.

  • for chrome - Go to Google Control Panel; then click more tools; then click save page as.
  • IE user - Just click File then click Save as.
2. Open a new browser; then type (as it is) in the address field VIEW-SOURCE:

3. Open the webpage that you save in the desktop.

4. Copy the address showing in the address field and paste it to the other open browser which shows the VIEW-SOURCE: add it in here the address then press enter.

Credit to: Sanket Misal

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