Sunday, August 12, 2012

How do you like commuting?

Many to none of us would want to commute. As the hassle of commuting is really frustrating and annoying. For sure we have unique to common story to share. As for me, it is not unusual that you find commuting by train a headache. I say that because most of the time train ride can be so full of people and it seems impossible to get inside the train. This often happens in over populated city. It's pretty obvious that the reason behind that would be a lot of people in the city uses the train as the means of transportation. Other than that, train ride is one of the affordable way to go anywhere in the city. As for most of us, who always ride train going to work. We should always make sure we bring with us a lot of patience and tolerance as we ride the train. This could help us from getting carried away with frustration and can lead to confrontation with other people who might give us a hard time riding the train.

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