Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coming soon: My eCommerce website

I'm joining the bandwagon of bloggers enthusiast who also using their blog as business. The opportunity to widen your network in blogging is evident. One good example is by exchanging links with other blogger. In this way, once a visitor comes to your website, and that visitor goes to your blogroll list and click the links, then the links from your blogroll list will get a hit from a visitor counter. It seems, we can make more money in blogging if you religiously update it (I'm guilty on this one). It's true, Google will notice that you have a website that has an update almost everyday. But, of course, the content of our blog should be related to your niche or topic and informative as well. So there, this post is just an introduction of my upcoming e-commerce website. I'll give you updates in the following days. My eCommerce website is still in working progress

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