Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Epic Date with Dolls

For some dating is easy as addition but for some it’s definitely something to work into. Success in dating depends most probably on the looks and attractiveness of the person. More often than not, good looking people always finds a way in getting a date and eventually grow into a relationship. But of course, there are some who are clueless on dating and needs to have a crash course on Dating 101. I think the reason that some men who have a hard time finding a date is because they are just scared that the person that they would like to date will reject them. Lacking in self-confidence and being so pessimistic is I think the primary reason for all this fails. It’s hard to imagine that after all the try still nothing grows into happy relationships. Well, imagine if this happens to you would you go for something unusual just to have a date? Will this be your last resort so to speak? Will you go for date with a DOLL?


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