Saturday, November 28, 2009

Life Cycle of a BUM

It's been pretty much almost a year since my last job.. Talking about a "BIG BUM". Yes I know, it's really shameful being on my shoes right now. I somehow after I resigned from my previous job, I'm kinda lost some "fire" or driving force to work again or even find another job. Though I have to say that, I'm still looking for a job here and there but the only problem is I become more choosy..(Others advice: Recession day, don't be choosy). But I think I have to because I prioritize my health among any others. The reason why I always decline some of the job is because of the shift, I don't like working at night or graveyard shift. It's not my cup of tea. I'm a night person. So even there's a big chance that I will be hired at the end of the day after knowing that the shift will be graveyard I immediately decline it. But I guess since it's recession and job is limited I have no choice but to accept the available job there is. Here's the life cycle of a BUM. lol

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