Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ebook on Acupressure for Beginners

Learning new skills is one my hobby right now (is it right to say hobby?) or should I say my new found endeavor. It's not unusual on my part to do these stuff since I find learning new skills very productive. But honestly, though learning new skills is something not everyone could appreciate, it takes a lot of work and encouragement on yourself to be inspired to read all the time. Learning on your own I think is much harder rather than learning in a traditional way (like in a classroom set-up). I say that because, For one you are obliged to do your assignment on timely manner unlike having your own time to think whether you should do your assignment now or later. Secondly you have the sense of responsibility to be good at your grades and so forth.

Right now I was trying to finish these ebook that I downloaded about Acupressure. I'm not aspiring to be a reflexologist or the like but it can help me if ever I have some aching pain in my body by doing these acupressure on myself.

I have here the ebook of Acupressure. Download here:

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