Wednesday, September 2, 2009

20 British Pound

These money was given to me by my cousin who came in the Philippines from London. If I remember right, it was 2 years ago since they visited here in the Philippines. Anyways, after some time, keeping it inside my cabinet, I’m thinking to exchange it to Peso. It took me that long to decide whether to exchange it or not because I want to keep it as a memorabilia from London. I don’t know whether in the future, if I will have a chance to go in London. (talking about Dream Vacation). yes! It is one of the places I want to visit. Surely it’s anyone’s dream, right? I just thought these past few days that I need to exchange it to Peso because for one I don’t have money anymore. I haven’t find work yet and I’m still jobless for 7 months now. (yah! ultimate bum that I am). I was trying to look for a job, apply here and there but no luck until now. (hmm). Haizt, I think I don’t have any choice right now but to look for other things for me have some money. Too bad I have to resort onto this.

20 pound

20 britishpounds 20 pounds

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