Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reusable Shopping Bag

A lot of efforts are now conducting in the entire world to save our environment and our only Planet. Many new Inventions nowadays goes for Eco-friendly and Recyclable materials. Though these efforts will eventually helps our planet, still there's a lot to be done. I think we as a "tenant" of this planet, we should give extra effort to contribute on saving our environment. In our own simple way if we conscientiously act together to save our planet in the long run this simple step will go far. In the Philippines many efforts are also been doing to save our Planet. For instance, many Malls here already propagating the use of reusable bag to eliminate the waste in plastic bag which is none biodegradable and can stay for decades. This effort of Malls really gives sparks to a more massive action to propagate the Eco-friendly community. The reusable bag of SM (ShoeMart) and Rustans, the two biggest Malls in the Philippines.

Reusable bagsSM and Rustans Reusable Bag

Which one do you think is much fashionable? the SM or the Rustans bag?! Mhhh!!!