Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tutorial Photoshop ebook

I had this ebook for sometime now and I decided to read it. I must say I'm starting to like Photoshop after some try using the ebook tutorial. I find it hard though, learning new skills by myself and with the use of only ebook as my reference. The ebook composed of step by step procedure on how you can create, edit and tweak your preferred image. It indicated the Photoshop screen layout on how you could easily find the proper button or menu to use for adding color or changing the background. One thing that I'm amused about the use of Photoshop is erasing some white mark from an old scanned pictures. Bear my innocent on these, since it was my first time to learn Photoshop on my own, hence I did find Photoshop a nifty software esp for photo editing, well that's what the use of the software for.

I have here a link of the ebook for Tutorial Photoshop

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