Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mariah Sing's for Michael Jackson

In this time, as the world of Music Industry mourns on the death of Michael Jackson. The icons and the pillars of the Music Industry come together to pay tribute to Michael Jackson, giving their respect and bringing back the memory while he still young and alive. The memory of Michael Jackson would definitely live-on until the next generation. His music and songs are timeless. Many had followed but no one could ever dethrone the legend. He opens a lot of doors to many musicians and even aspirants. He live his life for music. He dedicates his entire life to give us the entertainment and joy. He inspires everyone not just by his music but his world-class talent and aspirations. Michael Jackson will be remembered as "King of Pop".

Here's Mariah Carey who sungs "I'll Be There" one of her revival from Michael Jackson hit songs.

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