Friday, July 10, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

harry potter and half-blood prince
I can't wait for the movie, the trailer looks thrilling and the effects is nonetheless, amazing. The way the movie was created seems quite breathtaking. One thing that I got hooked with Harry Potter is the effects and of course the story itself. I'm more into sci-fi and special effects type of movie. I know I'm too shallow, but hey don't you get amazed of how this type of movies seems so real as if it was a real thing. A lot of good reviews were getting from the movie and some says this might top all of the Harry Potter sequel all that was already shown. We can't tell that yet, we will see that after the showing and if the Movie Chart tells so. I have here some of the photo from the trailer.(Click on the image for larger view)

harry5 harry6 harry7 harry8 harry9 harry2 harry3 harry4
Author: J.K Rowling
Illustrators: Jason Cockcroft (UK), Mary GrandPre'(US)

Genre: Fantasy
Book no: 6 (six)
Chapters: 30
Preceded by: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Followed by: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

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