Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Job Application bow...

Convergys Commonwealth

I woke-up early in the morning for my interview with Convergys in commonwealth. These was long overdue since I was advised to go there monday last week. Anyweis, so yes I had the initial interview, the 2 long hour exam from which the last 30 minutes is for my typing test, needless to say, I plunge from the mud because of the typing test. Well, I need to get 35WPM, which at first, I thought was easy. So after the first try I got 34WPM, the instructor told me I need to get 35WPM. Then after few attempts I made it and even surpassed the target, I got 38WPM. Though it was exhausting, the good part is I passed all the exams and It's really rewarding. Just try and try and you will succeed as what the old saying says.

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