Monday, June 22, 2009

"2012" movie trailer..

The movie is all about the end of the world. It was adapted from the Mayan Calendar predictions that the exact date of Apocalypse is on 21-12-2012. They say that, Up in the sky, an extraordinary and incredibly rare event will take place. The Sun will move to a unique spot in the sky -- and hold still for a while, since it is solstice day. The Sun will sit precisely on the heavenly crossroads between the Milky Way and the galactic equinox, forming a perfect alignment with the center of the galaxy.

Mayan has a significant and quite reliable foresee about the future. They knew a lot about stars. For instance, they calculated the exact duration of a year to a thousandth of a decimal point, much more precise than any Greek or enlightened philosopher ever did. Also, they were able to predict every solar and lunar eclipse until this day. And obviously, they knew where the galactic equinox and the exact middle of the Milky Way lay: they called this crossing `the Sacred Tree'.

But the Mayan's say that there's no concrete evidence whether these thing will happen. Their finding relies on the movement of stars and the so called "Mayan's Calendar".

I think it is all up to us whether we should believe it or not, worry or hope that it will not happen. I do believe that in every beginning there's an end and vice versa. All we can do is to trust what the Highest Being has in store for us.

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