Monday, August 4, 2008

Green Appliances!


At this time were all things are going up, the cost of electricity, oil and goods. Experts are trying to find ways to address this crisis. As an individual we really need to contribute in saving the deteriorating planet that were living in.

An article that was published in International Herald Tribune they listed products that is energy-efficient.

They listed some electronics that we uses in our household like washing machines, refrigerators using low-energy compressors and low-power computer screens.

The washing machine that was indicated is the one that has front-loading washing machines instead of the top-loading one, it shows that with front-loading washing machines it is much efficient because it uses the gravity to move the water instead of agitators that requires ample supply of energy to continuously rotate the agitators.

The other one is the refrigerator wherein it consumes almost 30 percent of overall power in a typical home. Nowadays newly created refrigerators uses linear compressors instead of the traditional, that will enable you to save 40 percent in energy and it is much quiet.

The Big names in computer maker, has already adapting the use of (LED) or light-emitting diode as a replacement to the conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamps that lit the screens. According to experts the use of (LED) can save as much as 40 percent in electricity compare to the traditional backlights. They also see the potential of using (LED) on television screens. Isn't that really nice?

In Reality this "green products" are much expensive compare to the conventional but many believe that in the long run using this product will benefit you and can even save much more aside from helping our dear planet.

It's Better to invest on this product and be an advocate of "green products".

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