Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Dating Tips on Budget!

Summer Dating Tips on Budget

Whew! It's been a while since I create another post, I've been busy these past weeks with my job and some stuff. I just need to tell you that there are a lot of occasion that had passed, My sister's birthday last April 29, the fiesta in our baranggay in Tondo Sta. Monica which was last May 4 and the Mother's Day last May 11. Needless to say that I had a very busy schedule. But then again I decided to take a break and was able to recuperate from all the busy schedule.

Summer season in the Philippines has near to end. As you noticed, It started to rain and the weather has started to cool down a little bit. So before the summer season ended I try to squeeze a post about Summer dating on a budget. As most of us need to tight our belt because of high prices and all that.

Let these summer to be one of the unforgettable romance with these date ideas:

1. Prepare a basketful of pastries and fruits and have a picnic. You can stroll and explore the scenery afterwards while holding hands.

2. Wish on a star with your date. Enjoy some star-gazing at a local college or university observatory. It is open to the public and it's absolutely free.

3. Check out local art or film festivals, tiannge, craft or antique fairs.

4. Reminisce your old elementary lessons by visiting a planetarium, entrance fee is at minimum, promise!

5. Listen to some love poems by attending a poetry reading at a bookstore or a university. Sometimes, if you're lucky, ou can even avail of free snacks after the reading.

6. Prepare dinner or cook for each other at home.

7. Enjoy a little booze for free while talking to your date at a beer festival or wine tasting.

8. Take basic dance or yoga lessons together. Most of the time, the first lesson is free.

9. Watch your favorite DVD movie at home while sharing a bucket of popcorn.

10. Check out a student art show. Entrance and refreshments are usually free.

You can choose among these date ideas that suits your personality. All is important is that you enjoy your date with special someone without burning too much cash. Happy Dating!

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