Monday, April 7

The Kite Runner (novel)

I've read a book called The Kite Runner which was written by Khaled Hosseini, privileged young narrator, who comes age during the last peaceful days of monarchy, just before his country's revolution and its invasion by Russian forces. The Kite Runner, are only a part of this story.

I'm so hook on this book simply because it's a reality of life of Afghans. I'm just curious about their culture and a bit of understanding how things happen during the Russian invasion in Afghanistan. It also shows the relationship of father and son in an Afghans set-up.

I just want to give you some highlights about the story;

The story shows how peaceful life of Afghans before the invasion of Russian forces and the Life of Hosseini. At the first few chapters of the book you will realize how colorful and fascinating life of Hosseini, there you will understand the culture of Afghanistan, the relationship of Hosseini to his father and friends, and the vulnerability of Hosseini during his childhoood. Then you will also see how flying kite transform him to be the talk of the town and being idolize by his friends and most specially his father whom he has a doubt of not being love because of the untoward incident that had happened when he was born. On the middle part then you will see how Hosseini evolves from being vulnerable child to a young man full of dreams and aspirations. He and his father decided to migrate to America to find a brighter future. In these part of the book you will see the ups and downs, the dull and happy moments in the life of Hosseini. And on the last part there you will realize the hardship of Afghan people when the Russian forces invaded the land. And the tragedy that had occured during his comeback to his native land Afghanistan.

Well, these are just the few highlights of these book that you really need to know more about. By the way these was already a major motion picture.

Comments about this book:


-The Dencer Post

"A moving portrait of Afghanistan, from it's pre-Russian-invasion glory through the terrible reign of Taliban."
-Entertainment Weekly

"An astonishing, powerful book."
-Diane Sawyer

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