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Interview TIPS

Interview TIPS

An interview is a little bit scary, as your thoughts goes rumbling with hesitation and fear. For some it's as easy as counting numbers 1 to 10 but for others

it's a hell of a ride. But nevertheless with proper preparation you will be much better.

Interview Tip 1: Plan Ahead
- Do a little homework! Research the company and the position if possible, as well as the people you will meet at the interview.
- Review your work experiences
- Be ready to support past career accomplishments with specific information towards the companies needs.
- Have your facts ready!

Interview Tip 2: Role Play
- Once you have finished studying, do a role playing (rehearsing)
biteTIPS: You can look at the mirror and try to imagine that you were infront of the interviewer and you are answering the questions of the interviewer.
- Sample Questions:
- Tell me about yourself?
- What do you know about our company?
- Why should we hire you?

Interview Tip 3: Eye Contact
- Always make sure you keep an eye contact with the interviewer.
- Show you are really interested with the job and you know what you're talking about.
biteTIPS: If you can't stand staring at the eye you can direct your eye to the nose which is near to the eyes. It may seem you keep the eye contact to the interviewer.

Interview Tip 4: Be positive
- It's given that being positive reflects good personality.
- In particular, avoid negative comments to past employers.
biteTIPS: Don't be too serious, smile more often on the interview but don't overdo. It shows that you're not just work but you also know how to play.

Interview Tip 5: Adapt
- Be sensitive to the style of the interviewer.
- Pay attention to those details of dress, office furniture and general decor w/c will afford helpful clues to assist you in tailoring your presentation.

Interview Tip 6: Relate
- Try to relate your answers to the interviewer and the company.
- Focus on achievements relevant to the position.

Interview Tip 7: Encourage
- Encourage the Interviewer to share information about his/her company.
- Demonstrate your interest.
biteTips: A bit of ass-kissing is not a bad thing, it might leave a good impression to the interviewer. So prepare yourself for ass-kissing.

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