Sunday, October 28

* TIPS ON BUYING CELLPHONE (second-hand vs brand new)

I was once a victim of secondhand junk cellphones which I bought in Grand Central Monumento, a haven of secondhand cellphones. You will see different choices from brand new to all trash one. For some having the latest cellphone is trendy or swanky but how if the cellphone that you have is a scrap and it was a reconditioned, I don't find that cool. right? Well I can't blame those who patrionize secondhand cellphones maybe they just want to be up-to-date to what's new in cellphone technology.

If you choose to buy secondhand cellphone just be sure that you get warranty coz there's some stores who give at least a month of warranty if something wrong happen on your cellphone. Also, before you leave the store make sure you try the cellphone upfront to see if theres a defect on it.

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